Other world

“ I came to Sowonderful for a consultation the first time I was a little uncomfortable. This turned out to be completely unnecessary upon arrival. In the warm and safe setting of the treatment room there is an incredibly nice, tangible and almost tangible energy. The same goes for Jacqueline. With her calm, loving approach and spirituality, she immediately puts you at ease. Her treatments immediately touched me, where they needed to be, with the result that complaints decreased and I got the tools to go inwards when necessary. I really recommend 'SoWonderful'!”

- Roos


I feel seen, heard and safe with Jacqueline. She really takes the time for you. Her treatments feel very relaxing and bring me insight and clarity. She coaches well and does not shy away from highlighting your dark sides. She never keeps you on a leash, but directs you to your possibilities and development.

- Raymond


 I have benefited greatly from Jacq's treatments. Didn't notice any difference between the treatments at her home or remotely. It was very nice that I did not always have to go to her, but that I could also do it in my familiar environment. The effect of the treatment was just as effective. During the treatments I felt the energy flowing through my body and afterwards she often gave me good tips. I got a lot out of it!

- Anonymous


“ A treatment from Jacqueline always ensures more balance and peace. She feels exactly what is needed, even if you are not aware of it yourself. Its softness, openness and energy provide deep relaxation that you will feel for days to come. Highly recommended."

- Sibel


“ Jacqueline saved my life during a time when I was not feeling well.”

- S. (12 jaar)


“ Jacqueline's pleasant healings ensure that I am better grounded, that the energy can flow freely in my body again and that I am in a better balance. Highly recommended.”

- M.


“ I came across Jacqueline by chance. I was looking for a solution for my physical and mental complaints and recurring fatigue. If you had asked me 10 years ago to search the alternative circuit, I would probably have laughed out loud. I was too sober for that! Once every few weeks or months (depending on the need) I make an appointment. Jacqueline radiates calm and ensures that I get energy again.”

- Frenk

Very pleasant

“ I have experienced a treatment with Jacqueline as very pleasant. I become relaxed and feel closer to myself. Even a physical complaint had disappeared after the treatment, I continue to marvel at that.”

- Anonymous

Lovely energy

“ Jacq has helped me to ground myself, gives me insight into myself by asking the right questions and ensures that my energy becomes better and more. The first time Jacq gave me a treatment, the energy flowed through my body, in later treatments Jacq always knew where the problem arose. She helped me on my way, without pushing.”

- Conny

Much better

“ Pleasant space, and Jacqueline is a calm, warm woman. I don't yet understand exactly how the treatment works, but after the treatment I feel much better. My complaints have certainly diminished.”

- Anonymous